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About Purchasing

Q1. How about your compressor quality and price ?

Our compressors are all original and brand new of Daming factory ,  best price with good quality .

Q2. How to buy your product ?

Please contact our sales department :

Q3.What kind of payment terms are accepted ?

T/T, L/C

Q4. What is your delivery time ?

Usually , 25~35 work days .

Q5.What is your minimum order quantity ?

1 standard packing .

Q6.What is your packing ?

Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor & screw compressor : standard wooden case for each .

Scroll compressor : Standard quantity for each Pallet .(9Pcs / Pallet , 16Pcs/Pallet)

Q7.Is sample available?

We accept sample order . the price according to your requirement .

About the compressor usage

Compressor trouble-shooting chart




Electrical problem

Compressor can not be started No power supply or low voltage Check  power supply
Poor contact with control system Check electrical system and fix it
Motor was burnt Phase defect Check power supply
overload Find out the reason why overload then fix it
low voltage Let Power companies deal with it if they provide  poor  electricity;Checking and fixing it if  poor  contact.
Power circuit problem Short circuit Check the power circuit
Circuit break Check the break and and repair
Wire diameter is not compliance with requirement Replace the right wire
Automatic shutdown after starting Internal motor protector work Find out the reason and fix it
The setting of control system is wrong Adjust the setting
Control circuit board was burnt Bad insulation Replace board

Mechanical failure

Abnormal vibration or noise, cylinder overheat , motor locked No crankcase heater, liquid or oil impact, discharge valve default Replace the valve , and there must have acurved space  for receiving  oil, you cannot change the pipe diameter of liquid and muffler .If you need to turn on the machine after long time shut down ,  Turn on the heater 2~3hours in advance . Please press the switch few times , 2~3 seconds each time .
Flood start after long term shut down
Oil got dirty Replace oil
Poor quality refrigerant Replace good quality refrigerant
No oil return to crankcase Refrigeration  system or condensing unit have oil trapsNo oil bend Adjust or re-install
Crankcase loose oil too fast . Flood start or liquid impact Adjusting  expansion valve .
Crankcase oil overheat High suction temperature or refrigerant leaked  . Adjusting liquid of expansion valve , refill refrigerant if it is not enough
Oil pressure protector work frequently Liquid return into crankcase Adjusting  expansion valve .
Filter of oil line blocked clean oil filter or replace it
Oil pump defaulted Replace oil pump
Suction pressure is too low Mismatched with evaporator, expansion valve and condensing unit Please match with right
Evaporator blocked by ice or frost Defrost regularly.
Pipe or filter blocked Check system pipes , clean or replace filter
Discharge pressure  is too high The heat-exchange area of condenser id not enough Please match with right
Water -cooling pump default or mismatched with cooling tower Repair or replace the pump
Condenser is dirty  Clean condenser

The refrigeration cycle - in short is "the process of moving heat from one place to another."  Refrigeration system has four main components,  should be selected or designed according to working conditions, cooling capacity etc.

Regular maintenance is very important  for the refrigeration system.  The most serious defect of cooling system is congenitally deficient (each part of system  is improper , the installation is not standardized).

Refrigeration system trouble-shooting chart





Compressor doesn't work

Leak Any connection , pipes, valves etc will be the leak Check and fix it , then refill the refrigerant
leak Some parts broken ,like Solenoid valve, filter, expansion valve... Replace the broken one or fix it .
Blocked Filter blocked by ice or trash Replace the filter

The cooling capacity is reduced

The Valves of discharge or suction are broken Improper design , such as no curved space for receiving oil and filter Add proper oil reservoir or filter according situation
Suction overheat is too high orliquid impact Adjust expansion valve , or choose a right one
Suction filter was broken, metal impurities enter into compressor Replace the suction filter
Condensing pressure is too high Condenser ‘s surface was dirty , or airflow is bad . Clean it and promote the working ambient.
Water-cooling condenser was dirty ; The cooling pipe is not fit , or water pump volume is small ; cooling tower was dirty . Replace the water pump and water pipe ,clean it regularly
Suction pressure is too low Heat expansion valve doesn’t work Replace it .
Leakage or shortage of refrigerant Checking the leak and refill the gas
Suction filter blocked Clean it

System  current  getting bigger

Valve broken Replace it
Lacked oil Refill oil and find out the reason
Voltage not stable or Electrical wiring route have faults Check then fix it
Oil pressure is too low Lacked oil refill the same oil
oil is dirty , oil filter net is dirty Replace oil and clean the net
Oil pump defaulted Replace the oil pump
Compressor cannot be started wrong wire matching , improper Electric control box model  Check the electric wire , replace right electric control box ,
Power is turn on even when the machine shut down long time , crankcase heater have been working too much .  Open the compressor to rebuild

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