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ZheJiang DaMing In 2017 HVACR EXPOSITION

ZheJiang DaMing In 2017 HVACR EXPOSITION


Zhejiang Daming  Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd.,

Domestic compressor manufacturers  how to adapt to the market?

At present, the  refrigeration compressors industry in China is developing very fast . The three major types of compressors, such as reciprocating , screw and scroll, are moving toward a more refined division market and win  different customers with their own advantages. Meanwhile , domestic compressors are gradually catching up with international branded compressors in producing capacity, quality and sales volume. A group of national compressor brands have also started to occupy the market extensively and have won quite a good reputation. In 2017, Mr Xie Xinjiang, our chairman of the leader of the national compressor brand, He was talking  about  how domestic compressors can better conform to the domestic market.

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Post time: Nov-18-2017
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