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The development of Chinese refrigeration compressor industry

The development of Chinese  refrigeration compressor industry

In recent years, Semi-Hermetic reciprocating compressor , scroll compressor , screw compressor , They have to win the same market share .As an enterprise, how do we  go further? In Guangdong Association of Refrigeration elite , Xie Xinjiang – general manager of Daming said  Daming have practice  a series of strategic new policy according to current market  and constantly optimize the semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor, developing  screw compressor with big budget . carefully promote the scroll compressor  .In the meantime ,   improving the service and management system. Thus , the strategy of DaMing  has  become increasingly clear and clear, especially the launch of Screw RFC Compressor  , this progress  is a landmark of refrigeration  industry in domestic , which also a blueprint  for Daming ‘s development.

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