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2016 HVACR Expo Daming Speech

Chinese  refrigeration compressor industry  has been moving forward, Now , semi-hermetic reciprocating  compressor  market more and more steady, The key of the enterprises’ development are accurate positioning themselves and internal reform .  Screw compressor  developing  at an exceeding speed, the market demand is big and customers willing to accept .Scroll compressor market share is gradually increase  , supply and demand conflicts is decreasing .


In this year’s HVACR Expo , the national brands are eye- catching . Especially,  Zhejiang Daming Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. has been supplying products  for the purpose of “national brand revitalization” ,We take this as our  responsibility , and strive to let  ”Made in China “as good as  imported brand quality .

2016 daming expo

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Post time: Apr-28-2016
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